Harvard researcher, Dr. Hiroaki Wakimoto, making progress with malignant meningiomas.

Meningioma Mommas celebrates its 15th year of providing a 24/7 support lifeline and only funding meningioma specific research. We are thrilled to support the continued work of Harvard researchers, Dr. Robert Martuza and Dr. Hiroaki Wakimoto, with a $24,150 grant to extend their project, “Anti-angiogenic Oncolytic Virus Therapy for Meningioma.” They have identified promising new therapies with the hope that┬ácombination therapy in a mouse model will prove safe and more effective than single therapy alone. This award will propel their efforts toward clinical translation of lab data and application to federal funds. Their research is dedicated to the┬ámemory of one of our own Meningioma Mommas family members, Robert Silas Hack, who lost his 8-year battle with recurrent atypical meningiomas on December 6, 2016.

Meningioma Mommas has funded $337,150 to date.

We are committed to finding a cure for these understudied and funded tumors.