Mind Over MDr. Long-Sheng Chang’s research is officially underway. Meningioma Mommas donated $10,000 to fund his project, “Evaluation of Novel Targeted Therapies for Both NF2-Associated and Sporadic Meningiomas.” The ultimate goal for Dr. Chang and his team at Ohio State University is to develop a medical therapy that effectively eradicates both NF2-associated and sporadic meningiomas. Meningioma Mommas is fortunate to have a compassionate individual on our side.

Dr. Chang writes, ” One thing I will never forget is how many tumors and surgeries these patients can have and that ‘benign tumors’ can have life-altering effects. At ¬†national conferences and local meetings, I am amazed by their dedication to support research to find a cure for this debilitating disease in spite of their long-term suffering. This is exactly what I want to do–find a medical therapy to eradicate vestibular schwannomas and meningiomas. To achieve this goal, we have been studying the NF2 tumor suppressor gene, the disease-causing gene for NF2, generating animal models for NF2-associated schwannomas and meningiomas, ¬†and testing novel targeted therapies for treatment of these tumors over the past 19 years. We are also extending our research and therapeutic search to non-NF2-related tumors.

I strongly believe that only through research, the impossible will become possible!”