Robert Boston photographAlbert Kim M.D.NeurosurgeryMeningioma Mommas is thrilled to announce that Dr. Albert Kim has been awarded $20,952 to fully fund his latest research project, “Mechanisms of Radiation Resistance in Brain Meningiomas”.

Dr. Kim, an academic neurosurgeon at Washington University in St. Louis studies meningiomas clinically and has been focusing on the effects of radiation therapy in aggressive grade II meningiomas. In his basic science laboratory, he is interested in mechanisms of brain tumor behavior. Dr. Kim and his team have an exciting project, which combines their recent clinical discoveries with advanced genetic approaches with the goal of understanding the molecular mechanisms of radio resistance in surgically challenging meningiomas. It is their hope that in the long-term, that their research would lead to targets they could manipulate to sensitize resistant meningiomas to radiation.

Using the data generated from funding through Meningioma Mommas, Dr. Kim and  his team will apply for R03 and/or R21 funding from the NIH/NINDS to conduct multiplatform studies on meningiomas at the DNA, RNA, and protein levels to comprehensively identify the molecular aberrations associated with radioresistance.